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Derrick Carter:

Derrick has previously worked on other blogs and co-hosted a few podcasts. In his early-20s, Derrick ran a cringey horror-only blog. Though running this blog wasn’t exactly a great experience (hence the reason all traces of it have been deleted from the internet), Derrick learned many things from the experiences he gained there. In 2013, Derrick started For the Love of Celluloid (the original iteration of this blog) before turning it into the vessel for entertainment reviews that you see now.

Derrick likes: arthouse cinema, grindhouse flicks, horror novels, dark humor, heavy metal, and violent video games.

Derrick dislikes: musicals, country songs, and falling behind on the constantly growing list of things to watch/play.

Dalin Hoppe:

Dalin Hoppe is a door warehouse worker, who hates his job and enjoys listening to hours of true crime podcasts and obnoxiously pompous audiobooks. His greatest talent is the act of slow hair recession, but coming in at a close second is writing; you’ll have to guess on the balding after reading his bullshit. After successfully smuggling hours of R rated, contraband, footage into his basement room throughout his high school years, he developed a love for the art of filmmaking and has been passionate about it ever since. He’s an asshole, but hopefully he’s an asshole we can all come to love. Thank you.

Dalin likes: incredibly dark humor, Kurt Vonnegut, alien theories, swearing, eating unhealthy amounts of gummy bears, 19th-century European literature, existential philosophy, and filmmakers who love art as much as they love making money.

Dalin dislikes: out existential place in the universe, rye liquor, sobriety, and making healthy life decisions.

Daniel Weber:

Daniel Weber is a writer at heart, sentimental idealist in nature, and the most prolific underachiever and procrastinator in the Midwest. Daniel believes his personality can be broken up into a strange 5-point amalgamation of unmitigated kindness, a sharp and biting sarcastic wit, constant pop-culture references, “dad jokes” and puns (note: Daniel does not have children), and a foot-in-mouth charm that he swears any and all sexes find irresistible. As far as being a writer, Daniel wishes he was Neil Gaiman but is far more like Nick Hornby.

Daniel likes: post punk music and music inspired by post punk, speculative fiction podcasts, Neil Gaiman, any brilliantly written television shows (especially cartoons), Nicholas Cage, Batman, Captain America, good bourbon, and smoking cigarettes.

Daniel dislikes: growing old, confrontation, people that say “pop” instead of “soda,”  and peas.

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